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Thinking on the first few days of spring, I saw this article on Llewellyn today and it just made me smile. I was going to take a pic of some of the daffodils in my garden, but didn't get a chance, but one of my friends posted some beautiful pictures this evening, so in the spirit of spring, here is a lovely picture and an article to go with it...

Blooming Creativity

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     Well I think I might be coming down with a bit of a cold. Hopefully I will dodge the bullet with it, but I am not counting on it. I have gone without a serious cold for over a year now, thanks to any time I get the sniffles I start taking echinacea & vit C and zinc until I feel better. Seems to be working better for the whole family, and now that we are eating better as a family it may take even less to get better. I have not been good about taking my vitamins, and neither has my daughter, and with school just starting I am sure that's where it came from. Ah well, just means it is time to get back to a regimen.

     Things are pretty good on the knitting front too. The test knit is over, and while I didn't come out with a finished product, I learned more about gauge, and the fact that susbstitutions only go so far before you are radically altering the knitting. My input did inspire her to add another size, which is a good thing anyway. Last weeks yarn shop trip with the girls did yield some pretty yarn and amusing photos, and I am almost done with the recent swap project, which is unfortunately overdue. No more swaps for me unless I get them done immediately, except for the Oct. one, which is already picked out and will be started as soon as the current one is completed.

       My mom and I sold our first sets of stamps on Ebay this past week, and all of them sold. I am completely psyched about it. It has already given me enought to purchase the dd's costume from the same site. So happy! She has decided she wants to be Queen Clarion from the Tinkerbell stories, and while we couldnt find an actual costume, we found one that made her very happy. On to the Pictures!!

My pretty new yarn, and hopefully more on the way...

Yarn Grafitti on the tree outside the yarn shop...too much fun!

Catching up.

Well well, it has been a busy couple of weeks. My mother, husband and I went camping with his LARP group last weekend and had a great time. The downside is, even though we tried not to, we all got slightly sunburned and we came home on Sunday just bloody exhausted. I felt like it took all week to catch up. We also had the first day of school for my daughter on Tuesday, so getting readjusted to that has been interesting. I had my normal knitting on Tuesday, but the rest of the week was quiet, until Sat., when I went to knit at the other coffee shop, and rode up to the knitting shop in Yorktown. I enjoyed that way too much. So here are some various pics for the week. There are a bunch, so I hope you enjoy them.

the hydra preparing to kick butt...

the hydra having kicked some butt...

first day of school...

finishing up Carol's square...

the project I am test knitting...

and the Prayer socks are done!

So even though I haven't gotten everything I have wanted done, it has still been a pretty productive week.


Well... I posted a bit too early about the new goldfish. They both died yesterday, one in the afternoon, one in the evening. that sucks, but usually when fish die that early they are not the best starting off. On to better things, I took a hiatus from posting due to preparing for and going on a camping trip. It was for the larp group my husband and I are in called ORCS. Its a medieval reenactment type group, with a very liberal dose of fantasy and role playing thrown in. Campouts are fun, because you get to stay in character for most of the weekend. Needless to say, we had a blast, even though it was really hot on Sat and we had no shade. I didn't get anywhere near the pictures I wanted, but I did get some of the group fighting a 5 man hydra. It was quite amusing, but I haven't unpacked my camera yet, so photos will have to wait. Unfortunately, I slept for the better part of 24 hours after the campout, but we were all exhausted. All in all it was a great weekend. To add a picture for the post, because I am trying to put up something interesting each time, here is one of the guys in costume from the group.


Muhahahaha... It's the first of September. Why that makes me laugh all evil I don't know, you would think I would do something like that in October. Oh well. Today was a knitting day at Starbucks, with Jo and Glenn, Brianna and Gracie. Fun stuff. I am most of the way to the heel on my prayer socks, and I started a lacy shawl/wrap for my friend's mom today. I am feeling pretty accomplished, even if I do need to finish the Amigurumi for my swap.

Unfortunately, my Betta, better known as Squishy Fishy, died this weekend. That sucked. On a better note, I went and got a pair of goldfish today. Meet Charlie and Lola. Charlie is the one in front, and is larger with spots on his tail. Lola is smaller and has one black tail fin and one white one.

Rest in peace Squishy Fishy.

yarny things and soul musings...

Well I have been tossing around the idea, thanks to a few of my friends, of trying to post something and a picture every day. I was talking about it with one friend this weekend, and the group of us were also talking about a favorite knitting blog, and how she takes pictures of the different places her socks go. This gave my friend and I an idea of doing basically the same thing, and using it to fuel my blog. I am going to try and post Monday-Friday, since those are usually the days that I am on the computer. On another note, I was going through some of my older emails, and ran across one with a link to an article about describing souls. I am really fascinated by this, but I am having a heck of a time figuring myself out. My daughter is this lovely, tiny, sparkly golden bird that never really rests, but brings a breath of fresh air wherever she goes. My husband is an extremely precious geode, so beautiful and multi-faceted on the inside, but very rough and plain on the surface, and terribly easy to crack if you tap it the wrong way. These are my thoughts for them, but I am really curious about the thoughts of those who have met us, and even those who only know me on line. Tell me what you think of my soul, and your own. I would love to see something like this go all around live journal, just to see the things people come up with. What do you think?? Here is the link to the article . kateharding.net/2009/07/17/friday-fluff-a-crazy-box-of-crabs/ Give me your opinion on me or yourself, or someone you know, I am really interested in seeing what people come up with.  Oh, and on the yarny side of things, here is the pair of socks I am making for a friend's mom who has cancer,we were at one of the local coffee shops this weekend.

Updates... kinda

Well the last couple of months have been a bit busy, as obvious from my lack of posting. They have also been strange, depressing, hopeful, tiring and slightly stressful. There hasn't been a lot of obvious things going on, but i have been doing a lot of soul searching, and knitting of course. There has also been a lot of sadness and worry, as one friend lost his mother, and another had a heart attack. I try not to worry too much, but these people stay on my mind. On the matter of soul searching, they put me on another medicine in Jan, and while it is helping, a lot, I am still in a depressive spot, as many many things are coming up from my past, making me deal with them now that I am finally capable of doing so. So there is much hope and yet much sadness for me right now. I am going to try and start keeping up with my blogging again, even if it is really mundane crap. I am also trying to keep better track of my knitting, and that will either show up here or on Ravelry, where I am also goldneys96. Anyway, on to some interesting pictures, some knitting and my hedgehogs cage. I will try to get some pics of him soon too.

This is a blanket I made for my friend Glenn.

These are some awesome mitts that I made and gave to Glenn also.

This is the house of Sonic, and while it is a bit dirty, that is mostly because he likes to burrow and knock stuff like his litter everywhere, although the fleece and litterbox is a vast improvement over the bedding I used to use for him.

A little bit of ignorance...


I thought this was really interesting... Even in all its ignorance. My husband knits, loves it, and is not feminine at all. I taught him, because he asked me to. How interesting that she is a modern woman, successful, and yet still holds this kind of opinion.

MS4 swatches

Here are the gauge swatches for the MS4 stole. Love how it is turning out already. The one on the left is on larger needles with less repeats. I really think I like it better than the smaller needles, which surprises me. The colors aren't quite true, but I will add a pic of the beads and yarn by themselves. On with the pictures!

Swatchy goodnessCollapse )


I am way too happy! My yarn just came in from Knitpicks and it is gorgeous! Hooray! Now I can start my MS4 finally! Off to the bead shop tomorrow!

Its Knitpicks Gloss Lace
70% Merino 30% Silk
In color Cypress